Sunday, November 1, 2009

Over and out

Halloween is come and gone. My ninjas and pirate have more candy than needed and are loving it. I am enjoying the 'mommy tax' that comes from taking them around the neighborhood. The tax that gives me chocolate! Our fab neighbors had KING SIZED candy bars awaiting their fave little neighbor boys- and my kids squealed with delight! I had out little neighbor boy over yesterday and we baked cookies and made magic wands. My kitchen was a wreck. Serioulsy- a wreck. Four boys rolling out sugar cookies can never be done cleanly, can it?
Today I am taking down halloween, and putting up Novemberish things. I also have painted ALL of my cabinet hardware in an oil rubbed bronze finish, along with some doorknobs, door hinges, and um- I cant remember what else! Chili is on the stove for a family get together tonight with my hubby's grandparents, and my youngest is asleep.

My middlest is trying to weasel more candy out of me. My oldest is cleaning the garage. Punishment around here is usually extra chores- and not fun ones at that. I am trying to get a holiday craft night set up with some of my best gal friends- advent calendars are the craft of choice I do believe... now- I shall leave you with pictures as I work on anding down some door frames...

He doesnt like the guts...

They are DEE-SCUST-TING!!!

No I am NOT A GURL! Or A sissy!

See Quin- punkin guts are NOT a big deal!

a murdered pumpkin

A sweet pumpkin

Im done rolling out dough!

This took me quite awhile to clean up....

A pirate wanting candy BEFORE pictures!

And finally- a pirate peeing on the bush of those who didn't have candy for him...

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