Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chrsitmas decor Series #5- Ballard Inspired Birds

It seems as if the birds are taking over, doesn't it? Everywhere I look it's birds, birds, birds. I am not complaining. I like the little dears. And I really liked these from Ballard.

I have literally looked all over town for wooden dove cutouts to decopouge.
 You. Will. Not. Find. Them.WILL. NOT.
If you do I will either slap you through the screen, or send a high five your way. Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanns, Wally World, Meijer, I have looked EVERYWHERE I expected to find them and everywhere I didn't expect to find them. My point? I mean beside you NOT finding them?

I found some!


is available from this seller on Ebay

It shipped quickly, and is lovely. It was $1.00, and regardless of quantity you pay $3.00 shipping. Imagine the possibilities with so much lovely Scrap Book paper available!
I will not show you a made one tonight- it's not done, and I'm too lazy excited to show you how I made the other Ballard Inspired ornament!
I decided on twill instead of Burlap- the Burlap in my stash has a rather large weave.
 I used this pattern and altered it a litttle. As in left the tail out...
First- blow it up. I went to 150%
Follow directions #1-3
You should have this

NOW- I got out my twine and made some loops

I stitched my 5 loops together on the sewing machine

I then took my loops and tucked them inside my birds body.

With the seam side sticking out a little.
I sewed my bird all the way 'round EXCEPT for about 1 1/2 inches on his left side.
Turn that bird inside out, and stuff it! Thats right- get your practice in for Turkey day!
Now your darling Mister Birdy needs wings!
Make 3 more loopys

and tie them off. Now tie a knot on the top of the part you just tied to hold firm.

Start winding your twine AROUND the knot, but flat, in a circle. Use a needle and thread to stitch in place.

Make 2, of course, or he will fly in perpetual circles...
Attatch to the sides of Mr. Bird with needle and thread or hot glue.
I painted Mr. Birds eyes and beak on, but Ballard used beads I think... My beads were too little and my buttons too big, so paint it was!
Oh- don't forget to sew that hole up in mr. Birds tummy!

Not bad, eh? i think he is adorable! And would also look cute with numbers on him for the three calling birds... Of course he isn't perfection- I think he's a little big, maybe 125% on the pattern would ahve been better, and he is a little understuffed, easy enough fixed. Mrs. Bird will be darn near perfect!
Okay- NOW I DO plan on wrappng up this series on teh 30th, BUT I wanted to let you all know that on the 11th of December I will be having a Show and Share. (Can you tell I have preschoolers?)
So- show and share party on the 11th- Show me what you've made from this series and share how you have done so, or improved upon the ideas!

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Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

Turned out great. I just waas looking at those cute little birds yesterday wondering how I could make some.

thanks for sharing!