Saturday, January 30, 2010

That organization post i promised... FINALLY!

First let me declare that I have been doing taxes all day. ALL DAY. Like for 8 hours. I am so brain fried that as i was typing my title I could not figure out how to spell finally/ finnally/ finalle/ I got it right. I think...
I have pisctures of my system and will be blunt and say you are not gonna get em tonight! I cant remember where my camera is... and I dont want to hunt and search.

SO... without further ado...
Organizing your couponing Craziness!

You will need
Manilla folders
an expandable file folder/divided box thingamajig
A smaller coupon thingy/expandable file
a place to store all of your flyers/coupons, etc.

I have a nifty little organizer thing I bought at T.J. Max about 8 years ago. It is pretty with its dark glossy wood and caning,  and pretty useful.  Looks sort of like this, only with more slots for files, and cubbies, not drawers...

I purchased awesome folders for CHEAP - I have a thing about my office accessories being pretty AND functional! They are labeled as follows
Meijer receipts
Kroger receipts
Walmart receipts
Aldi receipts
CVS/Walgreens receipts

I obviously file my receipts. Why?
  • I like to see how much I have saved. It makes me feel proud, thankful, and well, flat out giddy!
  • I may need to return n item (example- Ive been wanting to switch to another brand of haircolor. i bought 4 this week for a total of $15.00, saving $25.00. I am HOPING the color match was correct. If NOT I will be returning the other 3 for the Right color)
  • Rebates come up, and some I have found go back as far as 2 months... You may need those receipts to make $10, $20 or even $30!
Im my rebate file I have all of my active rebate forms. First expiring is in front and so on. I paper clip the receipts applicable to the forms, as well as a copy of the receipt, my addressed stamped envelope, a list of what else I need to purchase, as well as any coupons for the needed items.

I have a spot for my sale adds for the week. While I can view them all on line, I do like spreading them out side by side on the table. Just personal preference.

I have a spot for paper- sometimes a printable coupon wil print off 1 per page- leaving me with almost an entire sheet of paper unused- I stack them up and you guessed it- run those babies through again! Or give them to my boys to draw on. Waste not want not

I have a spot for my pens, my list pads, and paper clips.
I keep my unclipped coupons ina spot as well, still in their flyer.
My Walgreens, and Kmart coupon books also have a spot.

It is like a mini office all in one.
Inside my expandable file I have my coupons organized alphabetically, by product name. Ziplock In Z's, Betty Crocker in B's, etc. I ALSO have multiples paperclipped together. This helps when i am in a store aisle and see something on sale or clearance and go looking for a coupon. All 20 of my Pilssburry and 25 of my Loreals are clipped to one another. Then I only have to flip through neatly organized stacks, not a clusterscrew of a mess.

Three are plenty of ways to organize- this jsut works for me. Now- i won't do you any good to organize your coupons if you cannot organize your list ladies(and Gents- yes, one of my hubbies coworkers is reading these posts)
I start out with a list on my fridge. Anytime we are out of something, or low i write it on my list. This weeks list had lemon juice, better than Bouillon, and mayo on it. I always refer to this list when planning my grocery list! I will also start to put items that I am low on my stockpile in on this list. I then plan a weeks or 2 of meals.This list is centered around whats in the freezer, cupboards and on sale. Example- poirk is on sale for $1.69 lb this week, so we are having pork roast. There will also be 3 more pork roasts in my freezer, and some loin cut into chops. Chicken was on sale last week, as was ground beef, so meatlof, mexican night, and Broiled chicken over spinach salad is on my list. Oatmeal, cereal and eggs are in abundance, so breakfast is covered, and lunch is some leftovers, and various other things in the fridge/pantry.
This type of listing saves money and time!
Once I have my list I taake my small coupon organizer and file the neccessary coupons under store name- Meijer/Kroger, etc. I have a master list with my items on it, and I write the sale price in one column, and the price after coupon in another item.
  • Kraft cheese                 3/$5.00 ($1/2 &$1RR)                                        3/$3
  • Cereal 4/$10                                             ($4RR+ $1/2x2)                4/$4      
Total is $7.00 

I make my lisxt like this so I can see how much I am spending. BUDGET is KING as hubby says. 
It helps to kno whow many of what and how much I am getting. I can then put it all in my cart in an organized fashion and stack it on the belt in an organized fashion and see where my savings really are(or if they are) coming off my bill.
I spent $89 at Kroger this week. My saving were $170+
I think I will gladly take 2-3 hours to make my lsit for that kind of savings!

One thing I have thought of this month as I am on my adventure of savings is to be leary of the 'that is such a great deal i must buy it!' attitude.
 If it is not an item we like, or really can use I should not buy it just because its a great deal.
 Then I would not be saving, even if it is dirt cheap.
After only 3 gorcery trips I believe I am stockpiled enough to only buy the freebies, almost freebies, produce, meats and dairy this week. WOO-HOO!!!!
And before I go get a good book and take a bath let me tell you I got 6 bricks of Philly, 2 cartons of Philly Spreads(the spinach artichoke is KILLER!) and 2 large Breakstones Sourcream for a TOTAL of $1.56
ONE brick of Philly at Meijer is normally $1.74.
Happy dance at the keyboard here.


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