Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Catch up

Did y'all survive and enjoy the Christmas season this year? Ours was nice. I had alot planned the week before Christmas, with family in town, hosting, having a cookie exchange. The day after family left I kind of 'checked out'. I felt 'peopled out' if you know what I mean. I love hosting, I love having family in town, but I needed some time to just myself. Hubby had 5 days off work and we spent a lazy week together with the kids. We hung out in p.j.'s on Christmas day and built legos, played Didj, and played with Noodle.
My Inlaws and Hubby were good to me- I received some ADORABLE clothes, and a pair of black boots and some brown scrunchy buckle boots that are HOT! My Inlaws always spoil us.
We have been to the carshow, had movie nights, game nights, reading nights, snowball fights, bowling nights,  and lots of snuggle time this Christmas break.  The 29th the tree came down. As did the moutnains of fresh greens, and anythign else glittery. As much as I loved my Christmas decor this year I was so ready for it to go. And the next day was spent making Pottery Barn and Ballard Knockoffs of bottles, and some moss balls.
I've neglected my blog to focus on my family, and really have been enjoying the little things. Ya know- like snuggling WAY TOO LONG on the couch in the morning watching Tom and Jerry with my 3 yr old. Or falling asleep reading on the couch next to my man instead of upstairs in the office by myself glued to the LCD screen. So this morning is a morning of catching up on the blogs I follow. With Coffee in hand, of course.
Before I leave you with some pictures-  Did any of you decide to do something different this year? Not necessarily a 'resolution'- those always get broken! But a committment to well, be different in some way. Maybe a commitment out of necessity? Or Conviction? Hubby and I are reading through the bible together in 1 year. Its been good so far, although I must say I DREAD Numbers and parts of Chronicles... Lord show me SOMETHING through those books!
I also have decided to work harder at my grocery budget. Aren't groceries ridiculously expensive? Seriously folks! I have been perusing websites and such and will have some posts for you coming up on being more grocery budget savvy. That is if I can figure it out myself! Enjoy your day and we shall talk again soon!

A manly teacup for the tea drinking man!

WHY are my pictures all over the place???? Oh well- hope you enjoyed a small glimpse in our lives- I need to get pictures from My Inlaws camera from Christmas at their house!

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Anonymous said...

WOW, the boys are getting so big!!! Has it really been that long since I've seen them?