Saturday, January 23, 2010

Helping Haiti

There are so many poeple doing wonderful things to help those in Haiti. My boys ave wanted to do something. 1 suggested we go over there and dig people out. He has no concept of mileage. Another wa wondering why we were helping the mean people. Huh? H sas' Yeah- Aren't they mean? Why would we help them?" I asked Why he would think they were mean people. He matter of factly replied with all the innocence f a 5 yr old. 'BECAUSE mom, Haiti, haters, hate people- you know Hateys.'
 As I was trying not to spew Coke out of my nose we had a little lessons on how the Haitian people are not Hateys, and even if they were we are told to love our enemies, Treat our neighbor as ourself, etc.
So, today we loaded into the car with our list and coupons and headed to Meijer. Our church is asking families to fill a bag for Haiti. Items such as baby food, diapers, wipes, soap, and packaged snacks are needed. By using my coupons, and Meijers sales and instant in store coupons we were able to get 2 large packages of Huggies diapers (for cheaper than Walmart Brand diapers!) a large refill wipes pack equivilant to 3 tubs of wipes,  and 5 things of granola bars for $20.00. I could have just gone to Walmart, and bought $20.00 worth of baby items and food there, but I realized I would have gotten much less for the convenience. And even after I arrived in Meijer with all 3 kids in tow to realize my coupons were at home on the table, we STILL came back for the items. You see, If I will go to great lengths to save my family money and be a wise steward with what God has given, shouldnt I go to great lengths to MAXIMIZE what we have alloted to give back to Him? What an important lesson for my sons as I showed them our savings in coupons that we could turn around and give right back to those less fortunate!
How are you maximizing to give to those in need?

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