Sunday, June 28, 2009


It has been HOT lately. Like 90 degrees hot, with such a thick, muggy humidity you could cut it with a knife! As the heat has about killed my kids, especially the youngest, my 'fragile' asthmatic, we have been LOVING the new pool! Pool you say? YEs pool! One of the great advantages to living behind the in-laws. A newly installed MASSIVE pool. I mean I can actually float in a raft and not bump into things(or people!). We have also been biking in the evenings. Daddy decided last week that we needed bikes- so off tothe store we went. Quintin got a new big boy bike with training wheels. He ALMOST wiped out an old lady at Wal-mart as he was tryign it out. But hey- thats what you get cruising byt he bike aisle at Wally-World. He was so proud of that bike he was doing a dance as daddy was checking it out and adding more air to the tires. Look at that sweet lil face!
I actually misted up as I saw him riding it. He is my last, and well, no more tricycles is kind of a sad thing to me. Shaun asked why I was crying and his reply? "Yeah, I know, isn't it GREAT!? We can be riding trails soon as a family!" Not exactly my train of thought, but oh well. They gotta grow up sometime!
Shauns brother Brad, his wife Sara, and their daughter Addie left this morning after being in town for a month. It was great to see Addie, 2, and her cousins play together, and so nice to have Brad back safe and sound from another tour of duty in Iraq. Not much else is up- just the day to day. Weve halted our house remoddeling for now as Shaun is helping his dad put in the pool/deck, etc. I will post pics eventually of that ridiculously large project. As our neighbor put it "they like to bite off a big chunk and do EVERYTHING themselves, don't they?" Yep, yep they do. If you look up the definition of Sweat equity you would see my hubby and his father next to it.

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