Friday, May 6, 2011

E is for eye dcotor

Im not quite sure where these alphabet titles are coming from, lol They just are. At the moment we are praising God because mysweet son can get into the eye doctor on MONDAY instead of June 10th. Hes complaining of burnign eyes when outside, and due to his positive ANA bloodwork is at higher risk for his arthritis affecting his eyes, so they squeezed him in quicker. The doctor is supposed to call me today so we can chat. I am realizing this disease is odd. No clear cut answers, lots of waiting, waiting and seeing. And Im not the best at being patient. Do you think God knew I needed a lesson in patience?
I am currently reading  a great book titled 'Raisng Kids with arthritis'. It has me thinking about more and more as we go forward. I was hit last night with the phrase that this a chronic disease that can only be managed with medication, exercise, consistency. Im beginning to accept these things, but want my son to not be defined by this. I want him to push forward, to run still, though it hurts, to keep on being HIM, not going on to become IT.
Its been a rough week for him. A week of sore legs, and now ankles. Stiff nights and mornings, and a sweet little boy that I can tell is worried about this. wondering. Questioning. I pray his heart does not turn bitter and angry over this. I pray for healing, I pray for relief. I praise the one who has already answered so many prayers, in so many ways. And we wait. What drug will work? What does his body look like on the inside? What does his future look like? I dont know, but I know My God holds it in his hands.

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Elaine said...

He has a plan! He always does!