Monday, June 13, 2011


Today marks the 2nd week my son has felt good! Bren has been running around like a mad man, hopping, skipping, jumping, swimming. Almost no complaints. None. What a blessing to see God give us this after much prayer and a rough patch. Who knows how long it will last- but its here and its now and we will rejoice in it! After a complete bone scan we had some follow up x rays and are waiting the results. After talking with the doctor there is no need to start new medicine, because we wont know if its a good spell, or the meds working. So the plan is to wait for a crummy spot and proceed from there. His next appt is for PT- to go from stretching to building muscle in weak areas where he has compensated by using the wrong muscles.
All in all not much to share. Other than God is showing us His faithfulness in answers to prayer. And this time it's been a yes.
We had some great family time this weekend. It was nice to just cookout, hangout, and have no big plans. To snuggle and giggle, and talk.
Shaun and I have started getting up at 5AM together and having breakfast/coffee/quiet time on the front porch.
Yes. I know it's summer. No- I don't care. No. Im not completely crazed.
But truly- it has been a blessing. I am ready for my day when munchkins wake up hungry, we get uninterrupted time together, God comes first, and my day starts out right. After reading 'Shopping for Time' by Mahaney and her daughters I am more convinced this is best for us. How often do we see in scripture an example of one 'rising early in the morning' to obey God? Now don't get me wrong- somedays I grumble as I make my way to the coffee pot. Thank God for coffee! But most days I am findng myself getting up easier and easier. And with my kiddos school start time being pushed back over an hour for this coming year, and mornings being Brennans worst time I think this will really pay off come August.
MOPS is coming along nicely for this coming year. I am co- coordinating our group and am truly excited about how God will use this in my life and the lives of the women involved.
Im sure Ill have more to share in the future but I certainly wanted to give an update on our son!

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