Friday, May 14, 2010

Morning Bessings

My mornings are hectic. What else could you expect with 3 boys, 7 and under, and a puppy? I wake up, crawl immediately walk to my coffee pot and get it started. My sons are NOT morning people. Well- I take that back, the 2 that are in school are not morning people. I am usually greeted by whines, and 'more sleep!' or a made up ailment such as 'my tummy hurts, 'my head hurts', etc. I think that they think I was never a child myself and maybe I will one day buy into it and let them stay home. NOT HAPPENING boys.
Usually after the whining comes the craziness. A hyper puppy thrilled that his best playmates are up is racing to and fro. And I mean RACING. As in Indy 500 time trials racing. And the oldest is racing right along with puppy, the youngest has spilled his milk, AND oatmeal, and the middlest is making some sort of odd noise- this morning it was an indian war cry. Why you ask?
I have no earthly clue.
I laughed and shook my head and bit my tongue wanting to be short and say 'Will you be quiet??!! Calm down, stop being so...
Happy? Full of life? boyish? a child for now?
I have not had a peaceful quiet morning in 7 years, 2 months and 15 days. I probably won't have one for another 14 years, and 6 months. And then- will it really be peaceful? Will I enjoy it?
Or will I be crying my eyes out as my baby flies the nest?
A tempted as I am some mornings to squash the child in my children I realize that they will be children for only so long. Instead of the shushing, I giggle at the indian war cry, instead of grumbling and being angry I remind myself these are memories, moments I can not get back. I want my sons to remember mornings full of laughter, and a puppy and his boy gallopping along happy to see each other. NOT some monster mom in all her grogginess snapping their heads off and getting their day off to a rotten start. Who wants to be snapped at first thing in the morning?
 I doubt you'd see any hands raised if this question was asked in a room full of people!
My children are a blessing. A gift from the Lord. Even if that blessing is using his Indan war cry at 7 am.
I am thankful my God loves me enough to touch my heart and remind me that 'mans anger does not bring about the righteous life that God  desires.' (James 1:9) And I so desire a righteous life in my children. How can they love God more when momma doesn't model that love?
 Even at 7 am.
 Even with a war cry.
 Even with a puppy knocking into my legs.
 Even when I was tossing and turning all night due to a migraine.
Even with a whiny 'I don't want to get up!'
Even with spilled milk.
Have you remembered your blessings in the morning? Or is today a day to be reminded of that?

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