Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Joys of Boys 3

My house is full of testosterone. Even our dog is a boy. There is so much 'boyishness' a gal can sometimes get overwhelmed. What does an overwhelmed Mama do? She laughs ALOT, she has her girls nights, and she decides fi you can't be one, why not join them?
On Sunday morning we were running late to church. I was 'putting on my face' and Jackson comes running into my bathroom holding this

MOM! (In a whiny tattletale voice, wearing an impish smile...)
'LOOK at what Brennan drew!' I looked, and tried to not bust a gut laughing in front of my 7 year old. 'Mom- just look. ' I looked again, said 'Thank you' and continued applying my mascara. I am prettys ure he was hoping to get his brother in trouble. No such luck. A few moments later hubby comes in for his shower. I showed him and we both cracked up. I mean seriously? Fart, Pee and Poop? WHY are little boys obsessed with bodily functions? My kids have recently learned how to make that 'fart' noise with their armpits. I hear it ALL DAY. And then last week when in Meijer Jackson went to use the bathroom. I waited outside, listening, always afraid for the scary man in the bathroom picking on my kid like thos horror storied youve heard. Jackson comes out giggling. Well he met a scary man alright. And that man ripped one at the urinal and declared' Ahh... that's some paradise'. WHAT? WHAT?? I thought boys outgrew this- or at least some of them?
Hubby and I decided Brennan need no punishment. If we make a big deal out of his drawing poop, he will be all the more obsessed with drawing it and quite frankly, I don't care. Call me names, tell me I'm a bad mother, email me how I should be teaching my child about poo. I'm just not worried about it. We did however tell him that potty drawings do NOT belong in school or at church. While my boys love to rip one, it may not be done at the table, or during prayers, and family devos. They are learning to go outside to the sandbox and giggle about it, or up to their room and howl with laughter while belching the ABC's.
After I was ready for church, Quin came downstairs declaring he was ready. He was in grubby shorts and a play shirt. I promptly told him to take off those shorts, they were not church shorts. He drops his drawers and it is all hanging out.
'QUIN! Where you going to NOT wear underwear to church?!?!?!'
The most impish smile I've ever seen was accompanied by a matter of fact grin and a 'YEP!'
That boy hates underwear- I think he may be a boxers kinda guy...


cristidehoff said...

well, everybody poops!

Peggy said...

I know there are those who may pooh pooh your post but being the mother of 3 boys also, well I can feel your "pain!" We too have the same dinner/devotion/church rule! Our youngest (age 10) loves to annoy his older brothers by belching songs in their room... But you know what I love them dearly and wouldn't trade them for the world!!

(Only recently have I been joined by another female in the house, in the shape of a spayed female "puppy"... if you call a 95lb dog a puppy but she won't reach maturity until 3 yrs old!)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! That's gotta be one of your best stories yet! I'd frame it and hang it...in the bathroom ;)