Saturday, April 17, 2010

Someone tried to take a dump on my week...

Ever had one of those weeks? You know THOSE weeks? I swear we have gone through periods in our life where our circumstances would make a 'Uh-Lare-ee -us' sit com episode. This week was one of them. On Tuesday, unbeknownst to my hubby I began painting my boys room. It was in seriosuly bad shape- they had gone through a color on the walls phase 2 years ago. Yeah- it was bad! I moved all of the furniture myself, etc.
Wednesday my littlest got bit in the face by a neighborhood dog. Thursday my  middlest was 'triple dog dared' to jump OVER the sprinkler. He takes after his clutz of a mother, and landed ON the sprinkler splicing his foot wide open. A trip to the E.R. concluded it was so wide and deep it could not be stitched back- the tissue was dead. It has to 'fill itself back in'. So, after a needle being jammed into the wound, and the dead hanging tisue cut off ( I know GROSS) we were sent home with orders to stay off it. In carrying around a 50 pound kid I pulled a muscle in my groin area. I am sure it has nothign to do with my new rigorous workout schedule, or moving dressers and bunkbeds by myself!
Then Friday rolled around. I was having Jacksons friend party that night, and had been up till 1 am the night before finishing a dragon cake. Jackson woke up in so much tummy pain, that we went to the doc. He hasnt been eating, it hurts to touch, etc. We were thinking appendicitis. Honestly- we have no clue what is going on, so we will be seeing a G.I. Soon.  I had no way of getting ahold of 5 of the kids from school that he invited to the party, and my house was a wreck. BEFORE we left for the doc, he was wanting to show his brothers his cake. It was on the botton shelf of the garage fridge. They left the door to the fridge open, and then the littlest let the dog out to go potty. Need I say that the dragon got mauled? I had nothing but dragon butt left to serve the kids. Dragon Butt Cake. FAB-U-LOUS!
At this point I cracked up, because it was either laugh or cry. Hubby suggested the kids wouldn't care- it would be awesome to eat mauled dragon. I think the look I gave him told him otherwise.
So- how does my week end? I have NO IDEA. I am baking some crazy deserts for a family get together, carrying around a gimpy kid, and concernedly looking over a 'not himself' kid.
I DO know that Gods grace is sufficient for me, and His power is perfect in my weakness. For without Him I think I would have pulled my hair out this week! Go ahead ABC/NBC call me, we can work on the script together!


No Grits, No Glory said...

My kids are grown but it doesn't mean my days are easy. At 51 I'm still a klutz and there is not a day that goes by that something dumb doesn't happen to me....I just take it in stride because God's got my back and I can get through anything with him....I LOVE that you accept these things as part of life and that you know God is going to take care of you...and dragon butt??? You got the best story to tell when your boys are grown!!

Anonymous said...

Awe Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear that you have had one crummy week. We are praying for all of you and hope that recovery is quick!! Let us know if you need anything.

Sarah Kirlin

Shannon said...

I hope you are having a better week! Sorry I haven't responded to you sooner. :) Thanks for the comments a week or so ago. We are excited... and really, really nervous. 10 weeks today. Lane would be 1 year old a month from yesterday. I have another blog about that/pregnancy/etc. It is ourbumpyride@blogspot if you wanna check it out...and cry.