Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my newest project

Has it really been a month! Geeze. Sorry. I have been spending about all day every day in the pool. If it's not in the pool it's in the herb garden, at bible study, couponing, learning to coupon better, and creating new menus for the fam. I feel as if Ive been way too busy to blog much of anything and my house projects are at a stand still. Why? I. am. sick. to. death. of. them.
Seriously- I needed a break. I ahve hundreds of feet of oak trim needing stained. I have the stain. I don't wanna do it. Not yet. How abot this fall when its cool, but nice, and dry, not sticky, and my 2 oldest are back in school? Yep- sounds like a plan to me!
So- have I done ANYTHING???  I mean besides lay in the pool? Yep, I have. I have been readin gsome fashion blogs. Eek! Fashion, not houses? Yeppers. I have been loving Anthropologies website, and ahve decide dthat I can and will make myself some less expensive knock offs.
The first is for my brothers wedding in 3 weeks. I fell in love with this skirt

at Anthropologie

But the price... Eh, not so much love
4 hours and $5.17 later I had this

Not too shabby, eh?

 Like my Steve Madden pumps I paid $0.50 for? Me, too, ladies, me, too!
Please ignore my messy dresser. ;-)

My next adventure was  this dress-.

at Anthropologie as well. Price tag $148.
My version cost $4.00 and some change...

I think thats a smug look... Sorry. I wasn't thinking smugly. Well, maybe a little seeing as I saved a whopping $234.00 Next up is their attic treasures tank
 We shall see. We shall see.
What have you been doing this summer? Lazing by the water like me?


Sarah K. said...

Sarah....Looks great!! I have a maternity formal dress that needs to be made by October for my sister's wedding if you want a differnt project!! :) Hope you and the family have been well.


Jennifer Juniper said...

This turned out great! I love that little smirk you have in the picture :)

You have that weird photobucket thing in the middle of your blog! My friend just had that! I can tell you how we got rid of hers if you email me, lots of trial and error :(